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Last updated 21st August 2023

We’ve had some amazing events come and go on our platform, from sporting finals and award-winning West End theatre, to huge music gigs and world-class festivals. Naturally, you might have questions regarding anything from signing up, to ticket delivery, to who you can bring along to events… We’ve had it all! To help you all out, we’ve put together a list of a few top questions and some answers. Hopefully we can debunk a myth or two while we’re at it!

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Who can sign up for Tickets for Good?

Currently, our platforms are available to NHS workers and contractors, medical students and charity sector workers!

How do I sign up for Tickets for Good?

To make that first move towards free live event tickets, you can sign up here. Quickly scroll down and select the relevant option and you’ll find a short form. Fill it out and hit ‘Sign up’.

If you are a medical student or contractor, you may need to provide us with relevant identification. We need to manually verify these accounts though, so your activation email can take a couple of days to come through. If it’s been longer than 5 working days, please get in touch and we’ll get it sorted ASAP.

Once you are verified, you’ll receive an email asking you to activate your account to complete the sign up process — remember to check your junk/spam folder too! If you can’t find your activation email, just drop us a message here and we will happily help you get set up.

How do see new events on the platform?

This is a big one that we see a lot, and we definitely want to make sure everyone has a fair chance of getting our tickets! So, if this is you, it’s time for some top tips:

  1. Checking the platform daily.

This might sound obvious, but it really is the best way of finding out about our events! We add new events Monday — Friday, so hop onto the platform and have a quick look when you can. You’ll find that a lot of people who do find our shows are checking our platform multiple times a day (although we understand this may not always be possible!) We don’t have a specific day or time for updates.

2. Join our exclusive Facebook group.

If you’re already a TfG member, you might already know this one. We post pretty much every day, featuring brand new and upcoming events. We also drop a few exclusive events that we don’t shout about, so this group really is the bee’s knees for getting your TfG event fix!

3. Sign up to our mailing list.

Keep an eye out for our spotlight emails EVERY WEDNESDAY flying into your inbox. Yes, that’s right, every Wednesday we hand pick the very best events coming up in your area. Have a look — there’s bound to be an event that takes your fancy!

Our exclusive Tickets for Good Facebook group!
Our exclusive Tickets for Good Facebook group!

When will my tickets arrive?

This can vary depending on the tickets used for each event. We use a variety of ticket types, including TfG system tickets, venue e-tickets and box office tickets. The use of each ticket depends on the venue’s preferences, as well as if the bar codes our website generates can be used in the venue’s scanners on the door (it’s all getting a bit too technical — we’ll stop there!)

If we can use our own TfG tickets, they will be delivered straight away as a PDF attachment with your event confirmation. However, if the venue are using their own tickets, you will receive your tickets from the venue once we have sent them a guest list, generally the day before or the day of an event! With our box office tickets, you will need to turn up at at the venue box office to receive your tickets from there. Don’t worry if that all sounds confusing, we will always add the ticket type into your ticket confirmation PDF.

Unless we are using our TfG tickets, the ticket delivery is fulfilled by the venue, which is why we ask for you to contact the venue if you are having problems with your tickets. However, if you’re ever worried your tickets won’t arrive in time and you can’t get in touch with the venue, you can always drop our lovely team a message either via team@ticketsforgood.co.uk or our social media and we’ll make sure to help you out as best we can.

Does every ticket holder need to work for the NHS?

Not at all! As long as the person purchasing the tickets is attending the event and has work ID to match the name on the tickets, you are all good to go. Depending on the event, you’ll be able to buy 2–6 tickets per member, so bring your friends, family, or work colleagues. The more the merrier!

Summer Music Festival | by halfpoint.
Summer Music Festival | by halfpoint.

I can’t go anymore, can I give my ticket to someone else?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Due to your name and NHS email being associated with the tickets, if the venue checks and the name doesn’t match, they are within their right to turn away the person trying to use the tickets! We would hate for this to happen, and we’re sure you wouldn’t be too popular either, so we are pretty strict with this.

If you can no longer make a show that you’ve booked, drop us a messag here and a team member will help you out with your options.

Is this a scam?

Here’s the grand finale, and possibly our favourite one too… ‘Is this a scam?’ we hear the online trolls cry!

We get it, we’re offering tickets with only a £3.95 booking fee for the likes of Tramlines, Dua Lipa, London Lions Basketball, and so much more. It seems too good to be true, right?

Well, we have over 200,000 members, have sold over 250,000 tickets (saving our members £6 million in ticket costs) and have plenty of great feedback on our social media (especially on our Facebook group) to back that up. If you still aren’t convinced, check out our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see some of the great shows we’ve had!

Our great TfG members at our events!
Some of our great TfG members at events!

Whether you’re a Tickets for Good OG, just signed up (welcome!) or you’re thinking of signing up — we hope this is a helpful little guide! We want to make your Tickets for Good journey as smooth as possible, so you can enjoy as many events as you want, when you want!



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